Scuba & Freediving

Scuba Courses

Scuba For Kids Age 8+

Learn PADI scuba basics and gear use in a fun and safe environment. Find Out More

Starting Scuba Diving

Getting into diving can be confussing. There are a few courses to help you take control and lea... Find Out More

Specialty Courses

Ready to dive deeper? Check out our wide range of specialty courses. Find Out More

Advanced Scuba Courses

Ready for the next level? Advanced courses can put you on the path. Find Out More

Professional Courses

You've filled your dive log, and you're ready to teach the next generation of divers. You... Find Out More

Freediving Courses

Freediver - L1

Whether you have never tried freediving before, or you are ready to formalize your skills as yo... Find Out More

Freediver - Advanced

Ready to move on to the next level? The advanced freediving course is a "lifestyle" course... Find Out More

Spearfishing Target Range - In...

Come see what all the buzz is about! If you are an avid spearfisherman or curious about getting in t... Find Out More

Spearfishing Fundamentals

Jump into the exciting world of spearfishing with this hands on course! Learn the how-to's and s... Find Out More