Scuba Monkey Dive Center: Your Ultimate Destination for PADI Scuba Diving and Premier Dive Retail

Welcome to Scuba Monkey Dive Center – the prime spot for all your underwater passions. Our focus is twofold: offering top-notch PADI Scuba Diving experiences and hosting a premier Dive Retail space that caters to enthusiasts of all levels.

As an officially recognized PADI Dive Center, safety and excellence are our hallmarks. Whether you're new to diving or seeking advanced certifications, our expert instructors guide you through a seamless learning journey. From foundational courses perfect for beginners to specialized training that unlocks new depths, we're committed to making your underwater dreams a reality.

But our commitment doesn't stop with education. Dive into our meticulously curated Dive Retail area, where innovation meets style. Our carefully selected range of gear, equipment, and accessories ensures that your dive is not only safe but stylish too. From cutting-edge dive computers to fashion-forward wetsuits, every product is chosen to elevate your underwater experience.

Beyond transactions, we foster a vibrant community. We believe that every dive is a chance to connect, learn, and protect. Our Dive Center serves as a hub for sharing stories, planning expeditions, and championing ocean conservation. Your journey with us extends beyond the water, creating memories and connections that endure.

At Scuba Monkey Dive Center, we've optimized our online presence to ensure Google finds us effortlessly. So whether you're searching for exceptional PADI Scuba Diving opportunities or seeking the finest Dive Retail selection, your quest ends here. Join us and embark on a voyage where the underwater world and retail therapy unite in perfect harmony.

Scuba Diving Equipment is intended for use only by properly trained and Certified Scuba Divers, within the parameters of their certification credentials. Scuba Diving is potentially dangerous and can lead to death. Do not buy or use this equipment unless you are certified to use it.



13585 NW 101st Dr Ste 700 Alachua, Fl 32615


Hours: 9AM-6PM (Mon-Sat), Closed Sundays