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Blue Heron Bridge - Riviera Beach Fl

The Phil Foster Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail is composed of nearly two acres and 600 tons of limestone boulders. Large rocks placed upon smaller piles of rocks have created a habitat of cracks and crevices for sea creatures to live and hide in. Shallow and close to shore, this man-made reef makes a convenient and ... Find Out More

Jupiter Beach Fl Dive Trip

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt & BBQ, ($15 Non-Divers), ($40 Divers) *includes admission and Dinner* Find Out More


The island is located in the Caribbean Sea along the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula about 51 mi south of Cancún and 12 mi from the mainland. The island is about 30 mi long and 9.9 mi wide. With a total area of 184.542 sq mi, i... Find Out More

Domestic Travel

Traveling can be intimidating or difficult to plan. Let us handle the work, while meeting new friends and exploring your passion. Find Out More


DRIVE & DIVE Your all-inclusive diving vacation, let us take care of it all! We will provide you with the best accommodation, a pick-up truck for all you dive gear and, of course, an unlimited air package for as many dives as you wish. Find Out More