• Snorkeling 2 - Open Water

Snorkeling 2 - Open Water

In this course, you will transition from a basic snorkeler to one who is capable of integrating advanced skills into their snorkeling sessions such as diving down to get closer to the wildlife!

Starting from

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Class Title:  Snorkeling 2

Ages:  6+ years

Class Size:  Maximum of 8 Students

Class Location/Venue:  Snorkeling out in the wild at one of the amazing Florida springs!

Class Length:  1 hour

Who should take this course?

Students entering taking this course must possess a Snorkeling Level 1 certificate or demonstrate all the Level 1 skills.

What will you learn?

Skills will include diving down and clearing your snorkel with the displacement method and burst, entering the water, diving and holding position,returning to surface, inflating the snorkel vest and floating motionless, and proper finning technique for surface and underwater swimming.

What gear will you need?

Participants must have a swimsuit, towel, and properly fitting mask & snorkel. All of this can be purchased in the same building, at the Dive Center.

How do I Enroll?

Sign up above! Reservations are only held when your course is paid in full. There is a $10 rescheduling fee if the start day is within two weeks.

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