• Emergency Oxygen Provider

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have and means you’re ready to help others should the need arise.

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Class Title: Emergency Oxygen Provider

Age Requirements: No Minimum Age Requirement.

Average Class Size: 12

Class Location/Venue: Classroom sessions to be completed at Scuba Monkey Dive Center.

Class Length: 3 hours.

Who should take this course?

Knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have. It means you are prepared to help others should the need arise. Becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider lets you breathe easy knowing that you can recognize decompression illness, stroke, heart attack, or trauma. You will also learn how to treat a victim utilizing emergency oxygen. There are no prerequisites, age restrictions or water sessions required for this course – it’s open to everyone. Anyone who works or plays near the water will benefit from this course. Certification also permits you to have and to refill a bottle with 100% oxygen.

What will you learn? 

You’ll learn about dive injuries, stroke, trauma. You will discover different types of emergency oxygen equipment and safety considerations when using oxygen. Then you’ll practice assembling and disassembling emergency oxygen equipment, deploying a non-rebreather mask and a demand inhalator valve on a patient, and using a pocket mask on a nonbreathing victim.

What gear will you need?

The Dive Center has emergency oxygen units available for your use during training. After your course concludes, Scuba Monkey can help you purchase your own unit for personal use. We provide Oxygen provider training materials as well.

How do I enroll?

Sign up above! Reservations are only held when paid in full. Be advised that a $25 rescheduling fee will be applied if you wish to cancel or change your reservation within two weeks of your course begin date. Please feel free to contact us to schedule private courses that fit your schedule!

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