• Georgia Aquarium - Dive With The Gentle Giants

Georgia Aquarium - Dive With The Gentle Giants

Join us for this incredible dive that guarantees whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of fish!  

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Join us at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA for a dive like no other. Swim with whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of fish. The Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot habitat contains 6.3 million gallons of crystal clear 76 degree salt water. This makes it one of the alrgest indoor aquatic environments in the world! The habitat ranges in depth of 20-30' deep.

The experience is 2.5 hours including a topside tour, 30 min dive and dive debriefing. General Admission to the aquarium and all necessary gear are included. You only need to show up with a bathing suit and we take care of the rest! You may bring your mask and dive computer but they are not required and can be supplied for you. Guests are welcome to watch from any of the viewing areas and only require general admission, which can be added at a discounted rate with our group. All participants must be 12+ years old and anyone 18 or younger will need to have an parent/guardian present and participating as well. Should you want to participate in additional experiences or days at the aquarium please let us know so we can add them to the group for a discounted rate. 

Participants must check-in at the Animal Interaction Desk in front of the Ocean Voyager gallery AT LEAST 30 min prior to their event time. We highly recommend that you arrive to the aquarium 1 hour prior to the event time to allow for parking, security and check-in. Please refrain from wearing excessive makeup or hair products. No jewelry allowed. 

Cameras are permitted on deck, however no cameras are permitted in the water. A professionally shot and edited video of your experience will be available for purchase. Friends and family may take photos from the tunnel or gallery windows. 

Note: Transportation and lodging are not required. We do recommend seeing some of the other sites while in Atlanta such as the Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta Zoo, etc. 

Georgia Aquarium Waiver and Scuba Monkey Dive Center Waiver must be completed before trip. 

You must provide proof of certification to Georgia Aquarium, ie Certification Card of Junior Open Water Diver or higher. Padi Scuba Diver is not accepted.

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