• Blue Heron Bridge - Riviera Beach, Florida

Blue Heron Bridge - Riviera Beach, Florida

The Phil Foster Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail is composed of nearly two acres and 600 tons of limestone boulders. Large rocks placed upon smaller piles of rocks have created a habitat of cracks and crevices for sea creatures to live and hide in. Shallow and close to shore, this man-made reef makes a convenient and scenic spot for snorkelers and nature lovers.

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This will be a shore entry dive under the Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach, FL. A single air tank and tour guide are included in the trip fee. We will be diving at slack/high tide - the time of which is uniquely determined for each trip. There is also a snorkeling / freediving trail that is accessible for a longer period of time. 

It's common to see a wide array of ocean life during this tour - angelfish, stingrays, and other tropical natives are commonly seen. The underwater trail has unique statues that provide interesting photo opportunities!

Estimated dive time: 45 minutes
Depth: 10-25 Feet

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