• Pool Use

Pool Use

Need the use of a pool for classes or practice? We offer rental of pool space for $10 per hour with an additional $2 per person per hour. If you are looking for private use the cost is $75 per hour. Call Scuba Monkey Dive Center to schedule at 386-518-6323.

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Pool Specs: 20ft  x 50 ft

Depth: Deep end is 20ft x 20ft x 10ft depth. Shallow end is 20ft x 30ft (2.5ft sloping to 5ft depth)

Pool Temp: 82-89 Degrees

Ourside Temp: Air Conditioned

Facilities: Male/Female changing rooms, showers, baby changing area, pool side tables & chairs, limited life preservers. No lifeguard provided, swim at your own risk.

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