• PADI Open Water(Elearning)

PADI Open Water(Elearning)

This is where it all begins! The Open Water Course is the first step for any scuba diving hopeful. Whether it's the local springs or the corals in the ocean that have peaked your interest, the Padi Open Water Certification Course is for you! Take the Padi Open Water eLearning Course and study at your own pace then join the group for 3 days of water fun! 

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Medical Release         Dive Class Insert


Prerequisites:   You need adequate swimming skills (Swim 200m and Float 10mins) while needing to be in good physical health(Medical release due at signup). No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Age Req, Min Cert Level:   Must be at least 12yo for online registration. Due to class size restrictions, 10-11yo must call 386-518-6323 to register.

Class Size:   Max of 8 students per instructor unless 10-11 year old in class, then Max is 4 students.

Class Location/Venue:    Confined Water Pool Sessions completed onsite at Scuba Monkey Dive Center (13585 NW 101st Dr Ste 700 Alachua Fl 32615) in our indoor heated pool. Open water dives 1-4 completed at one of the many local freshwater springs (final location determined based on current conditions).

Class Length:   Knowledge Development / Online Course (approx) 10-12hrs,  Confined water 6 hrs, Open Water 8-10 hrs.


What will you learn? (Details of course)

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases, Knowledge Development with independent study with an in-class review to understand basic principles of scuba diving, Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills, Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore!


What extra will you need? (needed and provided)

Needed:Towel, swimsuit, scuba grade mask, fins, boots & snorkel, 60ft waterproof watch or dive computer and site fees. Provided:Student Materials and all scuba gear (BCD, Wetsuit, Weights, Tanks and Regulator).


Next Step (sign up details, forms, etc)

Sign up Online (if at least 12yo)or call Scuba Monkey Dive Center (352-518-6323) - Payment is due at time of registration. Complete the Medical Statement and Liability Waiver.(You will need to have the Medical Statement signed by a doctor if "Yes" is indicated on any line items on the 2nd Page.) Looking for a class that's not on the schedule or an alternate date needed? Please feel free to contact us to schedule a date. Private Classes are available upon request and for an additional fee.


Notes (Course work details or high points for customers)

Prior to class, complete the PADI eLearning Course online and print final scores and the Medical Statement. Bring them to the first day of class. Be prepared for a quick review of you knowledge.


Notes (Questions & Answers)

Q: How long is the certification good for?

A: It is a lifetime certification. However, if you are not feeling comfortable then we can certainly do a refresher course.


Q: How deep can I go?

A: The Open Water Certification allows you to go to 60' deep.


Q: What is a Junior Open Water Diver?

A: Students under 15yo will complete the same class but will receive a Junior Open Water Certification. Once they turn 15yo it will automatically turn into an Open Water Diver Certification without any additional steps. Although some prefer to get a replacement card to show they are now an Open Water Diver, it is not necessary.


Q: How long until I receive my certification card?

A: Once the class is completed and signed off by the Instructor, you should receive your temporary card by email within 1-3 days. Your permanent card will be mailed within 2-4 weeks typically.


Q: Do you offer private classes?

A: Yes! Please contact us with your needs or dates and we will do our best to accommodate. The private class rate is 3x the standard rate. 


Q: Can I finish my class with you if I started it somewhere else?

A:Yes, that would be an Open Water Referral Class. You would go into one of our regularly scheduled classes to complete the portion needed. Please call to schedule.


Q: Can I dive with the class if my family or friend is in the class?

A: No, additional divers count towards our class totals and often become an unintended distraction for the students or instructors. 


Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

A: We do allow you to use your own gear as long as it's new or has been serviced within the last 12 months, verification required. Should you not be able to complete the class due to equipment failure on personal gear, there may be rescheduling fees associated. 


Q: Do we break for lunch?

A: We do break for lunch but highly recommend either bringing lunch with you or stopping at a quick/drive thru type place on the way to the springs.



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