Freediving Courses

Freediver - Basic The Basic Freediver course is perfect for those who are either too young to complete the Freediver Course, or are seeking to build their experience before attempting it. Working in the classroom and in the pool, students will learn the physiology and risks associated with freediving. Find Out More

Freediver - L1 Whether you have never tried freediving before, or you are ready to formalize your skills as you become a certified freediver, there is much to learn by taking a freediving course. While many freedivers get their start by watching videos online, nothing beats working with an instructor. Find Out More

Freediver - Advanced Ready to move on to the next level? The advanced freediving course is a "lifestyle" course, laying the groundwork for preparing your body for deeper diving. This course continues breaking mental barriers while also finding the intersection of diet, yoga, meditation, and technique. Find Out More